Kinect Group is proud to bring a range of Internet of Things (iot) products to the market that will not only help make business more efficient through increased productivity and improved work practices but provide greater visibility to the performance and maintenance requirements of assets.

LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) technology unleashes the full potential of the internet of everything with disruptive long range, low bandwidth, low power network.

It is now possible and cost effective to track non-powered assets such as trailers, skip bins, trolleys, portable site offices and demountables to name a few.

An optimal solution will at least need to provide answers to the following requirements:

  • Low energy consumption as many assets are battery powered

  • Long range to avoid high network and subscription costs

  • Ease of use both for asset and back office system integration

  • Extremely cost effective initial investment and running costs

  • Secure and reliable to avoid interruptions and vulnerability

Track moving assets

  • Control quality of delivery (SLA, humidity, temperature, shock)

  • Identify responsibility of assets and localization off premises

  • Ensure recovery of lost assets

Secure Better

  • Get alarms and set up security processes for remote facilities, assets and people

  • Get alarms and set up security processes for assets

  • Get alarms and set up security processes for people

Improve your Uptime

  • Ensure uptime with predictive and reactive maintenance

  • Optimize your maintenance plans

  • Automate replenishment

Optimize your resources

  • Get more information out of your assets

  • Save energy

  • Improve staff productivity

Internet of Things (iot) Products on the are also ideal to provide up to date information. Messages such as: meter readings, GPS position, temperature, movement, door opening, battery life, part status…

If you have something you would like to track or any questions on this technology, then feel free to call us and discuss your requirements: