Real-time monitoring of concrete

Maturix is a groundbreaking tool enabling efficient manufacturing of concrete elements.

Maturix provides real-time monitoring of any element in the production, production reports for improved documentation, and analytics and statistics giving deep insight into your production on a daily basis.

Maturix offers a full solution to digitalize and optimize your concrete production.


Access & Follow The Maturing Process Everywhere

We offer an easy solution to get data visible for you. Access all data directly on a dashboard everywhere – on both mobile, tablet and PC.

Real-time analysis

Our intelligent wireless sensors provide real-time strength analysis of concrete elements.

Reduce risk of failure

With a system from Maturix you can expect a reduction in fails due to early demolding.

Increased production output

Know the exact curing time and spend the previous waiting time to produce more products

Why Maturix?

  • Real-time strength analysis of elements

  • Reduction in fails due to too early demolding

  • Remove excess waiting time during curing

  • Increase production output

  • Decrease manufacturing costs