Are You A Small Business Owner?

Monitor your fleet with confidence. This no cost, no contract Vehicle Tracking Platform provides users with real time vehicle tracking and a 7-day history report for up to 5 of your company's fleet vehicles on one account.

For anyone who has been considering GPS vehicle tracking but hasn’t wanted to pay a monthly fee, or sign up to a contractual commitment, this gives them the opportunity to give it a go! There are no restrictions on the usage, and no limited time frames apply to the service being free. We simply want to see as many vehicle users take advantage of this revolutionary product as possible. Click here to to purchase the necessary GPS hardware.

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View real-time, current locations of all vehicles on your account. Displays speed, and heading if moving and shows if ignition is on/off.



Being able to know where your vehicles are at all times, enables you to keep a keen eye on your cargo, assisting in the recovery of stolen vehicles and allowing you to have peace of mind.



Simple, easy to understand User Interface. You have full control. Everything you need is on the one platform, giving you time to focus on the things that really matter.


Vehicle activity shows every journey your vehicles have made. Displays ignition on/off times, journey start/finish, total distance, max speeds and total time per stop.



More Features

All units include a FREE pre-paid sim card with 3 years free tracking included. The sim is compatible with all networks, using the strongest signal available at the time to provide the most comprehensive tracking experience.

When the vehicle is moving, the location is updated around 7 times/minute. When the vehicle is off, the location will be shown as the last place it was able to receive a signal. The tracking device comes to life  when the vehicle is moving and goes to sleep when turned off again.

We have thousands of customers throughout New Zealand, ranging from SMEs with one or two vehicles up to corporate clients with 500+ vehicles. Our customers love the power of Free Vehicle Tracking.

Required Hardware

The AK7 is our most popular 3G Tracking Device. This device is used to track cars, trucks, boats, caravans, equipment and more. It is a basic 3 wire installation (power, earth, ignition sense).

The AX7 is our most popular 3G OBD2 Tracking Device, with similar functionality to the AK7 but designed for DIY installation. Simply plug this device into your vehicle OBD2 port and start tracking. All cars from 2003 have an OBD11/ CANbus plug (Generally under the drivers dash board).



Q: What is Free Vehicle Tracking?

A: Basically, its a web service that GPS tracking devices talk to, updating their location in real time. As a user, you log in and see your device that's installed in your vehicle. You can view it traveling in real time, run reports and view the vehicles activity on the map.

Q: How long will it be free?

A: Forever, we have no plans to introduce fees for our free tracking platform at any time.

Q: What else will I need (i.e. supported devices)?

A: You will need a tracking device device to use the platform, please click here to purchase the required GPS hardware online.

Q: What if I have any problems?

A: Our support team is available from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. If you ever have any issues just give us a call on 1300 546 328 or email us at